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I am a freelance JP→EN↔DE translator with a B.A. degree in Japanese Linguistics from Ruhr University Bochum, Germany. I am also a programmer and independent games developer, allowing me to offer special services in the field of games and software development.

Special offer for indie game devs!

Things I can do

I enjoy the act of translation in itself and as such am available to translate any kind of text. However, my specialties are as follows:

Video games

Having spent most of my life both playing and creating video games, I am well-equipped to translate your game and everything that goes along with it.


As a coder, I can help you implement your localisation solution in your project and set up a workflow, regardless of what technology, framework and programming language your team uses.


Need info from Japanese sources? Want someone to check wonky machine translations? Want to have an eye on the Japanese games industry? I can help you with all this and more.

Design documents

Have software design documents that need translating? I have written, read and translated quite a few of those.


I have a degree in Japanese Linguistics and thus possess the specific knowledge necessary to translate linguistic texts and books. This extends to texts written in Classical or Old Japanese.

Design documents

Cross-post in several languages at the same time and engage your fans and followers in their native language.

A Few Accomplishments

I have been active as a translator in different fields for a long time and have gained a wide variety of knowledge and skills. Here are some of the accomplishments of my career so far.


EN > DE translation of various documents relating to programming and education.

Blue Byte

Quality Assurance incl. localisation testing of several high-profile titles.

Monal Group

DE > EN translation and implementation of subtitles for documentaries about various topics.

Animate Times

JP->EN and JP->DE translation of various news articles pertaining to anime, video games and other Japanese subcultures.


Translation of Japanese and German articles into English, as well as writing up English articles using sources in various languages.

VHS Düsseldorf

Japanese Language teacher.

Streets of Rage Online

Translation and editing of a 106-page Japanese design document for a video game.

Contact me

Are You an Indie Game Dev?

Are you a developer of indie games? Do you have a lot of passion but not much money? I know the feeling.

If you want to have your game localised but aren't sure if you can actually afford it: Contact me! As an indie developer myself I know how harsh and tough the business can be, so I'm always willing to help out a fellow dev. If you are passionate about your game and want to let people all over the world enjoy it then contact me and I'm sure we can work something out!



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